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Halo 3 Cheats

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Microsoft Game Studios
Printable VersionXbox 360
Halo 3 Cheats
Halo 3 Game Details:
Adding to Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2, the epic saga continues with Halo 3, the amazingly anticipated sequel to the highly successful and critically acclaimed Halo franchise. In this third chapter of the Halo trilogy, Master Chief returns to finish the fight, bringing the epic conflict between the Covenant, the Flood, and the entire human race to a dramatic, pulse-pounding climax. See all the cheats, codes, hints and other tips and tricks available for Halo 3 on the Xbox 360 below.
Halo 3
Unlockable special ending:
Beat the final stage on Legendary mode to unlock a special extended ending.

Unlockable elite armor permutations:
Unlock the listed elite armor permuation by completing the corresponding task.
  • Ascetic (Body) - Get the "up close and personal" achievement.
  • Ascetic (Head) - Get the "steppin' razor" achievement.
  • Ascetic (Shoulders) - Get the "overkill" achievement.
  • Commando (Body) - Get the "triple kill" achievement.
  • Commando (Head) - Get the "overkill" achievement.
  • Commando (Shoulders) - Get the "killing frenzy" achievement.
  • Flight (Body) - Complete tsavo highway (on heroic or legendary).
  • Flight (Head) - Complete the campaign mode (on legendary or heroic).
  • Flight (Shoulders) - Complete "the ark" (on heroic or legendary).
Silver skull locations:
Find the listed silver skull in the indicated location to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Blind(Sierra 117) - The arms of the player and the motion tracker disappear.
Cowbell(The Ark) - Explosives increase in strength.
Grunt Birthday Party(Crow's Nest) - If you get a headshot on a grunt it will explode.
I Would Have Been Your Daddy(The Covenant) - Unlock new dialogue for the campaign.

Unlockable gold skull locations:

Find the listed gold skull in the indicated location to activate the corresponding cheat function.
  • Black Eye(Crow's Nest) - You will have to battle enemies with melee tactics to regain shield energy.
  • Catch(The Storm) - Enemies will throw more grenades.
  • Famine(The Ark) - Dropped weapons hold less ammunition.
  • Fog(Floodgate) - Motion tracker disappears.
  • Iron(Sierra 117) - Get sent back to the beginning of the stage you're on when you die instead of to the last checkpoint.
  • Mythic(Halo) - All enemies will have twice as much health.
  • Thunderstorm(The Covenant) - Enemies will be have higher ranks.
  • Tilt(Cortana) - Enemies will become more resilient to your attacks.
  • Tough Luck(Tsavo Highway) - Enemies are skilled at getting away from projectiles such as grenades.
Unlockable spartan armor permutations:
Unlock the listed spartan armor permutation by completing the corresponding task.
  • EOD (Body) - Complete "tsavo highway" on legendary.
  • EOD (Head) - Complete campaign mode on legendary.
  • EOD (Shoulders) - Complete "the ark" on legendary.
  • EVA (Body) - Complete "tsavo highway" on normal, heroic, or legendary.
  • EVA (Head) - Complete campaign mode on normal.
  • EVA (Shoulders) - Complete "the ark" on normal, heroic, or legendary.
  • Mark V (Head) - Get the UNSC spartan achievement.
  • ODST (Head) - Get the spartan graduate achievement.
  • Rogue (Head) - Get the spartan officer achievement.
  • Scout (Body) - Get the too close to the sun achievement.
  • Scout (Head) - Get the used car salesman achievement.
  • Scout (Shoulders) - Get the we're in for some chop achievement.
  • Security (Head) - Get 1,000 gamerscore points.
  • Security (Shoulders) - Get 750 gamerscore points.
Unlock katana:
Collectall 13 skulls and achieve a gamerscore of 1,000 to unlock Katana. TheKatana is the fourth piece of hayabusa armor and is an unusable item.

Unlock hayabusa armor:
There are three pieces of Hayabusa Armor. Unlock the listed piece by collecting the corresonding amount of skulls.
  • Chest piece - Collect 6 skulls..
  • Shoulders piece - Collect 9 skulls.
  • Helmet piece - Collect all 13 skulls.
Unlockable bonus content:
Complete the game on legendary difficulty to unlock pictures and a making of video on xbox live.

Unlockable mythic map pack skulls:
In the mythic map expansion levels, locate the listed skull in the corresponding location.

Assembly - On the central tower in forge.
Sandbox - Fly towards the sunset and turn around to find this skull.
Orbital - At the two road blocks where you have to jump, located on top of the structure on the right.

Skull collecting hint:
In order to collect a skull, you must start the level from the beginning rather than at a checkpoint.

Plasma pistol tip:
Use the plasma pistol's charges shot to stop a moving vehicle. However it will not stop a vehicle mounted weapon.

Lower your weapon:
In an offline game, hold LB + RB + down(on d-pad) + L3 + click left stick + A. Your character will lower his weapon.

Show coordinates:
In an offline game, hold click left analog-stick + click right analog-stick + LB + RB + down/right.

Toggle panning camera:
In an offline game hold click left analog-stick + click right analog-stick + LB + RB + up/left.

Infinite Spartan laser in Halo mission:
In the "Halo" mission, shoot Santearge Johnson until he falls down and drops the Spartan Laser. Pick it up and continue to shoot him until he kills you. When you respawn, shoot him until he falls down again and pick up the laser. He will get back up with a new laser on his back.Shoot him again and pick up the new gun he drops. It will haveunlimited Spartan ammunition.

Unlock recon armor:
In the Mythic Map Pack DLC, get the three "Vid Master Challenge" achievements to unlock the recon armor.

Easy legendary mode:
In legendary mode, turn on an idle second player. When you die, you will respawn rather than restarting.

Prevent lagging:
Clear the hard drive cache in solo or multiplayer by holding A + up at the start of the game. Select "Yes" when prompted if you want to clear the hard drive cache.

Terminal locations:
Unlock the "Marathon Man" achievement by finding all of the seven terminals.

The Ark
Go left through a door once in the very first building of the stage. The terminal is located beyond a curving passage.

A terminal is located right near the device that activates the bridge on this stage.

There's a secret room in the third building which holds the third and final terminal on The Ark. After you come across and kill a group of sleeping Covenant enemies, head down the nearby corridor. You'll reach a door that is locked if you do. To the left of the locked door is an open door. Head through the door, and then turn around to find the terminal.

The Covenant
Head to the stage's first tower and stand on the elevator. Face the control panel, and then turn left. Jump over the obstacle, and find the terminal you seek.

Head to the stage's second tower and walk towards the entrance. When you come across a locked door, turn around to find the second of three terminals here.

Head to the stage's third tower and stand on the elevator. Face the control panel, and then turn right. Jump over the obstacle, and find the third and final terminal on the stage.

Traverse the firs tcave, and then head right until you come across a building. Walk along the passageway towards the building. Once inside, run left to find the terminal.

Weapon descriptions:
Assault rifle- Very handy weapon to fight all enemies with, but not vehicles. This weapon is great for both covenant and flood and is available all through the game.

Pistol/Magnum- A very powerful dual-wielding gun that has high firing power. The new pistol no longer has a small zoom and has very little bullets. But great for taking out both covenant and flood.

SMG- Just as powerful as in Halo 2. I think it has been upgraded to have higher firing power and has a recoil. Great for taking out both  covenant and flood but can be tricky to find. Dual wielded.

Battle rifle- A powerful burst-firing rifle that has high damage and high accuracy. Better for taking out covenant than flood. Great for sniping.

Shotgun-Low ranged but powerful weapon. Can hold small amount of ammunition but can fire in mid-reloading. Great against both covenant and flood but far more efficient verses flood.

Sniper rifle- An extremely long-ranged rifle that can fire 4 shots in one round. Is the main weapon for sniping and usually takes 2 shots to kill in the torso.

Rocket launcher- An extremely high damage weapon that is good for taking out powerful opponents and vehicles. Also useful against groups of enemies. Has a splashed damage so be careful, can be hazardous to yourself as well...

Spartan laser- The most powerful weapon of the game but requires a long charged wait. Good for killing vehicles and powerful enemies. Vital to kill the Monitor.

Plasma rifle- A powerful weapon that is great against flood. Can dual-wield but will over-heat if fired for too long.

Plasma pistol- One shot of a fully powered shot can take out all of your shield. A powerful but tricky weapon to use. Can be dual-wielded. Handy because of its high range and high attack speed. Is better against covenant.

Brute spiker- A brute weapon that is commonly used through out the game. Has a medium-sized clip and can be dual-wielded.Is more powerful against covenant.

Needler- Can no longer bedual-wielded but is much more powerful. Can now explode with 4 needles.Good against a group and powerful opponents.

Carbine- A covenant version of a battle rifle. Is very handy for sniping and close combat.Fires single shots and has an average round. Commonly used by Jackals.

Bruteshot- A less powerful splash weapon that is handy for taking out crowdsor vehicles. Has a high range and is very common throughout the game.

Beamrifle- A covenant sniper-rifle. Needs no clips but cannot be fired repeatedly due to overheating. Has high range and is powerful against brutes.

Energy sword- A melee weapon that is extremely powerful against one opponent. Usually a one-hit KO. Great against both covenant and flood. Has a small rush towards target before striking.

Gravity hammer- A rare and powerful melee weapon. Is only used by extremelypowerful brutes. Can take out crowds and can push opponents away. Has atiny rush when attacking.

Frag grenade- Is a powerful and dangerous grenade that has the highest kill-radius. Has a bounce that can make killing opponents tricky.

Plasma grenade- Is a weaker grenade that can stick to opponents and detonate killing those around it. Sticks only on opponents.

Spike grenade- A less powerful but lethal version of a plasma grenade. When detonating is send spikes shooting in all directions. Can stick to BOTH opponents and vehicles.

[Unknown name]- Explodes on impact spreading flames around the area. Has a burning effect that is good against flood more than covenant but can

Multiplayer ranks:
Reach the listed rank by getting the corresponding amount of skill and experience points.

1. Recruit: Skill: 0, EXP: 1
2. Apprentice: Skill: 0, EXP: 2
3. Apprentice Grade 2: Skill: 0, EXP: 3
4. Private: Skill: 0, EXP: 5
5. Private Grade 2: Skill: 0, EXP: 7
6. Corporal: Skill: 0, EXP: 10
7. Corporal Grade 2: Skill: 0, EXP: 15
8. Sergeant: Skill: 0, EXP: 20
9. Sergeant Grade 2: Skill: 0, EXP: 30
10. Sergeant Grade 3: Skill: 0, EXP: 40
11. Gunnery Sergeant: Skill: 0, EXP: 50
12. Gunnery Sergeant Grade 2: Skill: 0, EXP: 60
13. Gunnery Sergeant Grade 3: Skill: 0, EXP: 150
14. Gunnery Sergeant Grade 4: Skill: 0, EXP: 300
15. Lieutenant: Skill: 10, EXP: 70
16. Lieutenant Grade 2: Skill: 10, EXP: 85
17. Lieutenant Grade 3: Skill: 10, EXP: 200
18. Lieutenant Grade 4: Skill: 10, EXP: 400
19. Captain: Skill: 20, EXP: 100
20. Captain Grade 2: Skill: 20, EXP: 150
21. Captain Grade 3: Skill: 20, EXP: 300
22. Captain Grade 4: Skill: 20, EXP: 600
23. Major: Skill: 30, EXP: 200
24. Major Grade 2: Skill: 30, EXP: 300
25. Major Grade 3: Skill: 30, EXP: 600
26. Major Grade 4: Skill: 30, EXP: 1,200
27. Commander: Skill: 35, EXP: 300
28. Commander Grade 2: Skill: 35, EXP: 450
29. Commander Grade 3: Skill: 35, EXP: 900
30. Commander Grade 4: Skill: 35, EXP: 1,800
31. Colonel: Skill: 40, EXP: 400
32. Colonel Grade 2: Skill: 40, EXP: 600
33. Colonel Grade 3: Skill: 40, EXP: 1,200
34. Colonel Grade 4: Skill: 40, EXP: 1,800
35. Brigadier: Skill: 45, EXP: 500
36. Brigadier Grade 2: Skill: 45, EXP: 1,000
37. Brigadier Grade 3: Skill: 45, EXP: 2,000
38. Brigadier Grade 4: Skill: 45, EXP: 4,000
39. General: Skill: 50, EXP: 600
40. General Grade 2: Skill: 50, EXP: 1,200
41. General Grade 3: Skill: 50, EXP: 2,500
42. General Grade 4: Skill: 50, EXP: 5,000

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