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Zombie Apocalypse Cheats

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Printable VersionXbox 360
Zombie Apocalypse Cheats
Zombie Apocalypse Game Details:
As heavily equipped gunslingers, Zombie Apocalypse sets players on a mission to destroy as many zombies as possible in order save the last remaining human survivors. See all the cheats, codes, hints and other tips and tricks available for Zombie Apocalypse on the Xbox 360 below.
Zombie Apocalypse
Chainsaw Mode
This mode becomes an available option when you have beaten any stage using only a chainsaw.

7 Days of Hell Mode
This mode becomes an available option at the 'Main' menu when you have completed Day 55.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:
  • Environmental Awareness (5 points): Kill a zombie using an environmental hazard in any game mode.
  • Gas Powered (5 points): Complete an entire arena, getting every kill with the Chainsaw.
  • Gun Shop (5 points): Kill at least one zombie with each weapon type in any game mode.
  • More the Merrier (10 points): Kill 10 or more zombies at the same time in any game mode.
  • Socialite (5 points): Play in an online multiplayer game.
  • Tour of the City (15 points): Complete each arena at least once in the same game in any game mode.
  • Can't Touch This (20 points): Rack up a 100x multiplier in any game mode.
  • Friends in Low Places (20 points): Save 25 survivors in any game mode.
  • Interior Decorator (20 points): Kill 25 zombies in any game mode using environmental hazards.
  • A Week To Live (25 points): Complete 7 days in any game mode without dying.
  • Hotter Than Hell (25 points): Complete the final day of the "7 Days of Hell" unlockable mode.
  • Anniversary of the dead (45 points): Complete the Final Day, in either Single or Multiplayer, and finish the game.

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