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Championship Manager Season 01/02 Cheats

Championship Manager Season 01/02 Xbox Cheats

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Championship Manager Season 01/02

Hint: Get any player:
Select a club that is rich. Then, buy the player forat least 6,000 more than his value. If they do not accept,keep offering more until they do so. Next, offer him a contractof anything you can afford. If this does not work, your clubmay have a bad reputation.

Hint: Recommended players:
If you have two players up front, the best two playersto have are Henrik Larsson and Andriy Schevchenko. They are guaranteedto score every game, as long as you have a brilliant play makerlike Zinedine Zidane.

As soon as you start a season, buy Cherno Samba who is 15 andplays for Millwall. If you play about 10 seasons he will becomeone of the best strikers. Also, Arjen Robben who is 17 from Groningenand Rafael Van Der Vaart who is 18 from Ajax are excellent prospectsfor the future.

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