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Def Jam Vendetta Cheats

Def Jam Vendetta Xbox Cheats

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Def Jam Vendetta

Successfully complete story mode with all four defaultcharacters or complete the game three times in story mode.

Successfully complete story mode with all four defaultcharacters or complete the game in twice story mode.

Ruffneck (alternate costume):
Select one of the four default characters in storymode. Defeat Ruffneck and Arii a tag team match.

Bounty Club stage:
Select one of the four default characters in storymode. Defeat D-Mob in his tournament to unlock the Bounty Clubstage in battle mode.

Club Luda stage:
Select one of the four default characters in storymode. Defeat Ludacris in his tournament to unlock the Club Ludastage in battle mode.

Def Jam stage:
Select one of the four default characters in storymode. Defeat D-Mob in his tournament to unlock the Def Jam andDef Jam Vendetta stages in battle mode.

Def Jam Vendetta stage:
Select one of the four default characters in storymode. Defeat D-Mob in his tournament to unlock the Def Jam andDef Jam Vendetta stages in battle mode.

Face Club After Hours stage:
Select one of the four default characters in storymode. Defeat Pockets, House and Snowman to unlock the Face ClubAfter Hours stage in battle mode.

Grimeyville stage:
Select one of the four default characters in storymode. Defeat N.O.R.E. in his tournament to unlock the Grimeyvillestage in battle mode.

X's Junkyard stage:
Select one of the four default characters in storymode. Defeat DMX in his tournament to unlock X's Junkyard stagein battle mode.

Hint: All five of the girls in photo gallery:
During story mode, each time you have the choice tofight a new girl, choose the new girl instead of your fighter'sgirlfriend.

Hint: Eye-Camera Trophy:
Unlock all girlfriends, including Carla, and theirentire photo gallery.

Hint: Book Trophy:
Successfully complete story with all four heroes.

Hint: V-shaped trophy:
Successfully complete survival mode without losing(37 straight wins).

Hint: Defeating D Mob:
The easiest way to defeat him is by submission. Throwhim against the ropes and walk slowly to him. As he bounces back,get him in a head hold. It takes about eight attempts of theseto make D Mob submit. After his head health meter is empty, youmust repeat the tactic two more times.

Keep doing grapple attacks until your momentum meter is up toBlazin mode. Then, go in the ring and when he is on the ground,go to the ropes and jump at him. You will eventually have himkept in danger on health and can do one final Blazin mode attackto defeat him.

Hint: Defeating Pockets, House, and Snowman:
When you fight Pockets, House, and Snowman, beat onone of them. Then, run away and work on one opponent at a time.When one of them is in danger, use your Blazin against him andyou will automatically K.O. that person and win the match. Remember,keep running.

In story mode, you are ambushed by House, Pockets, and Snowman.You have to fight all three of them at once, and the only wayto win is to make them submit or knock them out. The best wayto win is to focus on one of the three. To do this, you have tobe quick on him. Take every opportunity to throw him down andput him in submission. One of the other two will break it; repeatas necessary. Build up the Blazin' bar and hit him with your special.Remember, these three work as a team. The two that you have beenignoring will try to hold you down until the other recovers. Keepthat one opponent in the danger area as long as you can. You mayneed to work on the other two to build up the Blazin' bar andto keep them at low health. Follow these steps to eventually win.

Keep working on Pockets. When in danger, get Blazin' on him andit will be a K.O.

When you are fighting them, only go after Pockets as he is thesmallest person there.

Hint: Blazin moves:
Every character has two Blazin moves. To perform theirsecond Blazin move, move to the back side of your opponent, grapple,and move the Right analog-stick. Sometimes this is moreeffective then their regular Blazin. For example, DMX's Blazinfrom behind the opponent is where he breaks their arms and snapstheir neck.

To do any of the characters' special moves, while you are in Blazinmode, grapple your opponent and move Right Analog-stickUp or Right Analog-stick Down. They all havetwo finishing moves (grappled from the front or grappled fromthe back).

Hint: Ludacris: Faster special:
When you are Ludacris in Club Luda, taunt and his specialmeter always goes up a lot.

Hint: Easy knock out:
Find your most powerful move and use that a coupletimes, followed by a couple different moves, then your most powerfulmove, and repeat until your opponent is in danger. Get a Blazin,then use it against your opponent for a easy knock out.

Fight outside the ring and slam your opponent a few times. Whenyour opponent is weak, use your Blazin move to knock him out.Because you are outside the ring, it will be easier for him toknock you out as well.

The easiest way to score a quick K.O. in under five minutes (unlessfighting someone like WC or Scarface) is by submission techniques.Start the match by slamming your opponent against the mat. Whilethey are down, perform a mat grapple. This not only causes limbdamage, but it quickly lowers health and raises momentum. Repeatthis until your opponent's health is in the danger zone. Onceyour opponent's health is in the danger zone, perform a two orthree three taunts, if not already in Blazin mode. Once in Blazinmode and opponent's health is past danger, perform your character'sBlazin attack. If your opponent is big, like Arii or Scarface,or if you are in a tag team or three to one match, it will takemore than five to ten minutes.

Hint: Easy submission:
Grapple an opponent then keep on getting them in submissions.When their head, leg, or arm health runs out, you will automaticallywin.

Hint: Grappling:
Grapple moves to the head, body, arms or legs are accountedfor when going for submission. You will see that the bar dependingon which of the four you attack will decrease with every grappleattack.

Hint: Easy money:
Go to the battle screen and choose "1 on 1".Have two controllers in the ports and press Start on bothof them. Fight nobody and win. Do this repeatedly to gain lotsof money.

Use D-Mob in survival mode, because of his attention towards hisopponents head. He has a walloping series of moves to the headfrom submission to grapple.

Play against N.O.R.E in story mode and defeat him. That fightwill give you at least $22,000. Right next to that fight, youcan fight with the girls, but you do not have to. Quit that fightand when you play story mode again, you will go against N.O.R.E,instead of the girls fight. Do this repeatedly to win about $100,000after defeating N.O.R.E five times.

Go to survival mode and win it undefeated a few times. You willget about $25,000 each time you win with an undefeated record.

Hint: Avoid losing:
When your opponent has Blazin, or if your fighter iscompletely out of health, to avoid being knocked out or pinned,get out of the ring quickly and run around until his Blazin isgone or you have enough health to live on. Note: When you arerunning around, your opponent's momentum also decreases.

Hint: Skills:
In story mode, before you go up against a challengingopponent, fight many battles in battle mode to earn money forbetter player attributes. This is very helpful when going up againstSnowman, Pockets, and House.

If you already have an I.D. name, choose battle or survival modeat the main menu. Select your I.D. name and pick a fighter. Whenyou win, you will get money. Then, go to story mode and pick yourI.D. name. Select the button to put your stats up, and the moneyyou won from the battle will be there. Do this enough and youwill have full stats at the beginning of your story mode.

Go to one player and collect money. Then go to another personand collect that money and use it on another person.

Hint: Recommended characters:
The best character to start off the game is Spider,because of his strength and defense. He is also an excellent submissionist,which is useful when you are facing someone fast such as Ludacris,and someone with charisma such as N.O.R.E. and the 3 on 1 handicapmatch you will have later. The recommended characters from bestto worse are Spider, Briggs, Tank, and Proof.

The easiest way to complete the game is with Briggs. As you getmoney, put most of it on Power, Defense, and Grapple. This isthe easiest way to make people lose health quickly. With Briggs,the best way to knockout an opponent is to use his Blazin movefrom the behind.

When playing survival mode, choose WC. He is a great person touse because of his power and defense. After you select him andwhen you are fighting, just use his strong attacks. Pick youropponent up and do another one. After about five chokeslams andthree pile drivers, he will be ready for Blazin mode. Go behindyour opponent and use his Blazin move there. Your opponent willbe K.O.ed. Keep repeating this strategy, and after ten matchesyou will have about $30,000 to spend.

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