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Defender Cheats

Defender Xbox Cheats

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Hint: In-flight mechanic:
In some levels there are little tank-like units thatremain stationary. These are the units that shoot out the lightningand repair structures. They cannot move on their own, but youcan pick them up to place them anywhere and they will slowly repairany nearby units or structures. If you pick one up and fly aroundwith it, whenever you take on damage it will fix your ship. Becareful though, because any enemies that may shoot at you frombelow could hit it, and they cannot repair themselves. However,sometimes it better to leave them near your base so they willrepair things as needed.

Hint: In-flight artillery:
If you need a little extra firepower for your ship,look for a tank and pick it up. As long as you are holding thetank, it will act like a rotating turret for your ship and fireupon any enemy units that get within its range. The tank's cannonswill rotate 360 degrees so it can attack enemies all around you.This is very useful if you do not want to deal with having tomake constant maneuvers to avoid being hit by an enemy that istailing you.

Hint: Faster weapon recharge:
You can make weapons that are rechargable rechargefaster when you get the power-up by holding A for aboutfive to ten seconds. Release A and your weapon should rechargefaster than normal.

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