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Halo 2 Cheats

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Halo 2

Halo 2 Battle Tactics and Weapons
In an open battlefield dual wield for maximum fire power as throwing Fragmentation Grenades will be a waste of time. If you are in an enclosed environment it is more effective to hold only one weapon which will allow you to use your free arm to detonate Fragmentation Grenades to deadly effect. The following are weapons that you will be able to dual wield:

Human Dual Weilding weapons

Magnum (Pistol):
Sidearm which is deadly at close range particularly on head shots

SMG (Sub Machine Gun):
Inaccurate but deadly, best used in small controlled bursts.

Battle Rifle:
Versatile weapon that can be used as a semi-automatic for close range or as a sniper rifle for long range.

Covenant Dual Weilding weapons

Plasma pistol:
Energy weapon that has two modes (manual rapid-shot and a powerful overcharged bolt of plasma) cannot be reloaded so must be discarded once spent.

Covenant Plasma Rifle:
Engergy weapon that causes its enemies to 'freeze' rendering them unable to return fire accurately, this weapon has to be discarded after use as it cannot be reloaded.

Fires a rapid stream of small deadly needles that track their target and explode on contact. Unlike most Covenant weapons the Needler can be reloaded.

Note: By dual wielding it will take longer to reload and you will not be able to Melee attack.

All Weapons and their capabilities:

Magnum (pistol) -
Dual Weild, Head Shot

SMG (Sub Machine Gun) -
Dual Weild

Battle Rifle -
Dual Weild, Zoom Once

Shotgun -
Splash Damage

Sniper Rifle -
Head Shot, Zoom Twice

Rocket Launcher -
Can Lock on, Splash Damage

Plasma Pistol -
Dual Weild, Uses a Battery (non reloadable)

Plasma Rifle -
Dual Weild, Uses a Battery (non reloadable)

Beam Rifle -
Zoom Twice, Head Shot, Uses a Battery (non reloadable)

Covenent Carbine -
Zoom Twice

Brute shot -
Splash Damage

Needler -
Dual Weild, Can Lock on

Fuel rod cannon -
Splash Damage, Single Player only

Energy Sword -
Can Lock on

Vehicles available:

M12 LRV Warthog
Yellow Civilian Hog
Scorpion Tank

Covenant Drop Pod


If you are in a closed area (small room, hall way, etc.) then hold only 1 weapon, so you can throw grenades. If you are in a open area (big room, outside, forest, etc.) than have 2 weapons in hand because grenades will be useless.

Be The Gunner
Get to a 'Hog and jump in the gunner/passenger seat and let the marines drive. It will be x2 more effective than you driving (it depends on your skill).

The Scarab Gun
Now alot of people think this gun is made up and a load of crap, but there IS a scarab gun in the game. Trust me. It can only be found on the metropolis level (the one where you have to cross the long bridge first). Anyway, you have to get a warthog from behind you at the start, and ride it to the beginning of the tunnel. A banshee will fly over you. You have to lure the banshee through the tunnel making sure it follows you (sometimes it helps to swap your warthog for a ghost as this makes it easier for you). Take the banshee through the tunnel but first you have to kill everone in the area including your marines as they will shoot the enemy banshee down, while still making sure the banshee is following you through the tunnel. I know its stressing if you lose the banshee and have to reload your game but keep trying. If you shoot the banshees wings off first, this will help the banshee get through the tunnel better. Your main objective is to lead it through the tunnels and when your up to the final part where the small vent leads you. Get it through there and push it (or whack it) through the small tunnel that leads you to outside again. But BE CAREFULL, as the banshee dissappears when it goes through that small tunnel, thats why you have to be quick and hold X while the 'Loading...done' bit comes on and only after that. If you are quick enough you should have the banshee as the pilot has dissappeared. You can now fly out of the tunnel. Before you go flying all over the place, fly staright up after exiting that tunnel and look for a huge tall building in the distance with a bridge connecting them. When you get on the bridge, in the middle there should be a small pyramid shaped box and a floating plasma gun above it. Get out of the banshee and pick it up. This is not some ordinary plasma rifle. Its the scarab gun! This weapon is by far my most favourite gun in the game. It has unlimited ammo and fires a beam of enerygy like the scarab vehical its self! Just remember one thing that I didn't. Don't aim at the ground. Its far to powerfull to start testing the gun out on your toes so be carefull and have fun!

Cheat submitted by: Paul Harmer

Ghosts weakpoint
The ghost vehical has a weakpoint that will make it explode immediatly. The weakpoint can be found on one of the sides of the ghost just below its wing (on the right side of the ghost I think). There is a quite large circle on one of the sides which acts as a fuel tank to charge the ghost. Shooting this part about twice with even a pistol can cause the ghost to explode. This trick is usefull if you are playing with friends and you have a sniper rifle, you could easily shoot the tank and from a height. A great strategic advantage in a multiplayer game.

Cheat submitted by: Paul Harmer

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