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Kakuto Chojin Cheats

Kakuto Chojin Xbox Cheats

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Kakuto Chojin

Chojin moveset:
Successfully complete the game with any character tounlock their Chojin moveset. These moves have a higher damagepotential and are faster than the default moves.

Daeva and Boss stage:
Successfully complete the game with all twelve charactersand unlock Chojin mode. Note: This cannot be done under the easydifficulty setting. This will unlock Daeva and her Circle Of Firestage. To select her, move the pointer off the screen on the firstrow of the character selection screen. Do the same on the stageselection screen to choose the Circle Of Fire stage. Successfullycomplete the game with Daeva to unlock her Chojin mode. Note:Some characters have different power moves in Chojin mode.

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