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Knockout Kings 2002 Cheats

Knockout Kings 2002 Xbox Cheats

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Knockout Kings 2002

Cheat mode:
Use a created character to successfully complete thegame to unlock a cheat. There are a total of five cheats thatcan be unlocked by repeatedly completing the game.

Hint: Easy win:
After completing the game you will be prompted to selecta cheat. Choose teleportation. You will have to press your specialand R to use it. If you are playing two player or exhibitionmode, set the match to one round. Hit your opponent a few timesthen keep teleporting for the rest of the round and you will win.

When creating a boxer, give him a the Body Blaster as his specialmove. During the match, throw a few jabs and back away. Wait foryour opponent to move in and hit him with the Body Blaster. Itshould stun him. Hit him with it again. Continue to do this andyou will knock him out in no time. This can be done in all threeweight divisions and works almost all of the time. Also, if youfind yourself in trouble, try the Backhand (elbow) followed bythe Body Blaster. It either takes off a good amount of energyor stuns them, leaving them open for the Body Blaster.

When creating a new boxer, select the Cake Mixer as his specialhit combo. When your opponent is about to get knocked down, hithim with the Cake Mixer. About 90% of the time, he will do a spinin the air and fall to the mat.

When creating a new boxer, select Macho as his special hit comboand set your speed and power stats up. Throughout the fight, keepusing the special. The combo is so quick your opponent cannotreact to it, giving your an easy win.

Hint: Better created character:
When creating a character, set his heart, power, andspeed high. It is important to have the heart to be high. If youjab a lot then throw a punch, it will work much better than justbashing the buttons.

When you get to the screen to set your stats, choose "Heavyweight"then select a height of 6'0" to 6'3" and weight of 200to 210 lb. Then work on the stats. The most important ones arespeed, stamina, heart, and power. Go as high as you can so youcan give some and take some hits.

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