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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 Cheats

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 Xbox Cheats

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005

Golfers and Courses:
  • Unlock Jack Nicklaus: GOLDENBEAR
  • Unlock all golfers and courses: THEGIANTOYSTER
  • Unlock Arnold Palmer: THEKING
  • Unlock skills: NIGHTGOLFER
  • Ben Hogan: THEHAWK
  • Gary Player: BLACKNIGHT
Justin Timberlake:
To Unlock Justin Timberlake as a playable character enter "THETENNESSEEKID" in the password menu.

Cheat List:
  • The City Rooftops Skill Zone: NIGHTGOLFER
  • Adidas items: 91treSTR
  • Callaway items: cgTR78qw
  • Cleveland items: CL45etUB
  • Maxfli items: FDGH597i
  • Nike items: YJHk342B
  • Odyssey items: kjnMR3qv
  • Ping items: R453DrTe
  • Precept items: BRi3498Z
  • TAG items: cDsa2fgY
  • Tourstage items: TS345329
  • Tiffany Williamson: RICHGIRL
  • Jeb "Shooter" McGraw: SIXSHOOTER
  • Hunter "Steelhead" Elmore: GREENCOLLAR
  • Alastair" Captain" McFadden: NICESOCKS
  • Bev "Boomer" Buouchier: THEBEEHIVE
  • Adriana "Sugar" Dulce: SOSWEET
  • Aphrodite Papadapolus: TEMPTING
  • Billy "Bear" hightower: TOOTALL
  • Kendra "Spike" Lovette: ENGLISHPUNK
  • Dion "Double D" Douglas: DDDOUGLAS
  • Raquel "Rocky" Rogers: DOUBLER
  • Bunjiro "Bud" Tanaka: INTHEFAMILY
  • Ceasar "The Emperor" Rosado: LANDOWNER
  • Reginald Weathers: REGGIE
  • "The Hustler" Justin Timberlake: ALTEREGO
  • Sunday Tiger Woods: NEWLEGEND
  • Ben Hogan: PUREGOLF
  • Seve Ballesteros: THEMAGICIAN
  • All Courses unlocked: THEWORLDISYOURS
Hint: No Flag for Putts
Hate having the flag in the way when lining up a putt from the rough? Switch shots (with 'X' button) until you get back to your putter; the flag will be gone.

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